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Quora Question: Top 5 SEO Practices To Use Today

Coming at you today with an important question from a Quora User.

He wanted to know the top 5 SEO practices/Techniques he could use in 2017 to get better KPI’s on things like traffic, conversions, and overall lead generation.

It’s important with questions like this that you actually nail down the actual metrics your are tracking, your results will be better when you have a clear picture of where you want to see improvements.

For example, you can come up with separate plans for you keyword selection, overall promotion strategy, and which pages you want to optimize for certain keyphrases that either drive traffic or focus getting more leads and sales.

What metrics you are track will vary greatly by what you want out of your business and marketing strategy.

“What are the most important metrics to track?”

Again it depends on your business, but if you’re starting from scratch and have no idea where to begin I always suggest implementing a technical SEO audit first as that is the foundation of your website. After that, you can follow up with an on page/content audit for the aforementioned keywords you’re targeting.

The question below will give you even more insight on a potential strategy:

Read Jide Obiechefu's answer to What are the top 5 practices for SEO for 2017? on Quora

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