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A universal SEO audit prepared for Student Loan Hero ( This audit is intended to be used as an “organic” resource.

The audit outlines steps that will increase organic traffic by 40% and how to get overall site conversions up over 30%.

This means they could achieve tens if not hundreds of thousands in realized revenue when the steps are implemented correctly.

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atlanta seo audit

Universal SEO Audit


A content audit prepared for physical therapy client for the Glenview, IL area. Focuses on important pages that drive traffic and revenue for the clinic.

Here you will see a technical audit prepared for a physical therapist in the Bellingham, Washington area.
This audit broke down the most crucial pages to the site, and which ones had the best opportunity to generate revenue and higher conversions going forward.
Overall these implementations provided a clear SEO pathway and increased technical and copywriting strategies that lead to higher conversions.

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Technical SEO Audit

Below is SEO optimization for a YouTube Channel for a client that focuses on back to school and how to raise a child keywords. The video is an introduction to a series about educating parents on child school attendance.

I applied basic YouTube optimization principles, and also some advanced link building strategies. The video is ranking for keywords like “raising a genius”  “how to raise a genius” and “back to school 101”.

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