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Quora Question: Top 5 SEO Practices To Use Today

Coming at you today with an important question from a Quora User.

He wanted to know the top 5 SEO practices/Techniques he could use in 2017 to get better KPI’s on things like traffic, conversions, and overall lead generation.

It’s important with questions like this that you actually nail down the actual metrics your are tracking, your results will be better when you have a clear picture of where you want to see improvements.

For example, you can come up with separate plans for you keyword selection, overall promotion strategy, and which pages you want to optimize for certain keyphrases that either drive traffic or focus getting more leads and sales.

What metrics you are track will vary greatly by what you want out of your business and marketing strategy.

“What are the most important metrics to track?”

Again it depends on your business, but if you’re starting from scratch and have no idea where to begin I always suggest implementing a technical SEO audit first as that is the foundation of your website. After that, you can follow up with an on page/content audit for the aforementioned keywords you’re targeting.

The question below will give you even more insight on a potential strategy:

Read Jide Obiechefu's answer to What are the top 5 practices for SEO for 2017? on Quora

3 Donald Trump Marketing Techniques He Really Doesn’t Want You Knowing


Did you support Trump?…

I didn’t.

I also didn’t support Hillary however, what I do support is great marketing strategies and that’s what we’re going to discuss here today.


Whether you’re a business owner, marketer, real estate agent or somebody who just wants to be insta-famous. It’s important that you learn from the absolute masters that have simplified branding.

Trump himself has mastered marketing principles that catapulted him to one of the most powerful positions on the planet.

Whether you like him or don’t as an aspiring professional it will pay to see the marketing methods he used to be successful.

So only exit this article if you genuinely hate trump, and don’t like making money…


1.) Master The Message


"Your business, and your brand, must first let people know what you care about, and that you care about them."Donald Trump
Midas Touch


In marketing, everybody is an expert but few are masters. From T.V. ads to 20 second Instagram bytes, marketing is everywhere.

Which is why so many people have an input on how it should actually be done, an armchair quarterback if you will.

However, Donald Trump has mastered arguably the most fundamental part of marketing: The Message.

“Make America Great Again” will be talked about long after Trump’s presidency, as it was such an effective slogan for people at the right time that rallied a huge “silent majority” of the country, something that Hillary Clinton did not see coming.

For example name 3 slogans from Hillary’s campaign…

Have you to think about it right?

Now, what about Trump…

” Lock her up!”

“Crooked Hillary”

“Lockeroom Talk” etc.

Trump is as controversial as he is quotable, and these chants and slogans no doubt were on voters minds when it came time to cast their ballot.

His speeches and rallies heavily influenced voter sentiments toward Washington and drove home a grim picture of current and possible future consequences voters could face with a Hillary presidency.

It’s a powerful way to motivate people to buy into your message and brand image. Trump has been doing and practicing these techniques his whole career, Hillary however was the same career politician that Americans were getting tired of.

So let’s play another game. This time we’re talking about you.

In 4-5 words describe what your business will do for a potential customer looking to buy your product or service.

If you’re a dentist are you “Bringing Back Whiter Smiles” or if your a tax consultant do you help clients “File and Save Money”

The more you make a slogan a part of your business and brand marketing, the more people will remember you during their buying and decision process when they’re choosing between you and your competitors.

But theirs a catch.

You can’t just make up any slogan and expect it to be short, catchy and memorable, it actually takes a lot of skill.

This next marketing technique is what I call “marketing in the second degree”. In sales, they tell you don’t sell features sell benefits but another way to phrase that would be to “sell expectations”.

Hillary was selling features such as: “First Female President” or “The First Husband” and even weaker messages like “Stronger Together”, all of which were not good enough as we found out.

Trump sold us expectations. Mostly bad, but they highlighted that America needs a change in the establishment or else we could expect more doom and bad governance in the future, and it worked…

2.) Focus On One Platform

"I think the fact that I have such power with Facebook, Twitter, etc. helped me win all of these races."Donald Trump
60 Minutes Interview Aired Nov,13 2016


Let’s play the third game here, hopefully, your score by now is 2/3…

Where did Hillary broadcast her best messages? Or how about: Where could I have gone to hear Hillary best speak her mind on issues I cared about?

CBS. YouTube. Facebook?

Now how about Trump. What platform did he use to share his controversial messages and statements?

This marketing principle I’m about to share, maybe the most important to all business owners, online marketers, and influencers.

But let me give you a piece of advice before we get to that…

Everyday there is a new technique to use with Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, or YouTube. That baits you into a strategy that will grow your following by thousands of subscribers.

This “attention at all costs” mentality does more harm than good, unfortunately. And with Donald Trump winning the presidency largely with the help of a so-called, dying platform (Cough…Twitter…Cough…Burp), online marketing strategies should be re-examined.

Donald Trump understood that Twitter was his best platform at getting his message out and growing his audience. And naturally, that’s where a large part of his controversy stems from, on purpose by the way…

Name one big online marketer, guru, or business that exploded or grew their business on 2 or 3 different platforms at the same time.

Usually, their main focus was on one platform where they cultivated their core audience, and from that base of consumers they marketed to similar audiences on different platforms.

Why does this matter?

Because this is a basic but largely overlooked digital marketing strategy, you won’t get the exact same audience on different platforms, so don’t get romantic about your results on Instagram or Snapchat, instead, nail down who exactly your audience is and where your message will resonate with them the most.

Trump again confesses…

"I'm not saying I love it [speaking on Twitter...], but it does get the word out"The Donald
CBS 60 Minutes Aired Nov 13, 2016


3.) Target the “Forgotten” Customers


"I don't hire a lot of number-crunchers, and I don't trust fancy marketing surveys. I do my own surveys and draw my own conclusions."Donald Trump
The Art Of the Deal

Within every industry or consumer base, you have consumers that have been “forgotten”.

These forgotten men and women have been taken advantage of and largely ignored, as companies have been running the same lazy marketing and advertising campaigns, and peddling the same products to them knowing consumers will purchase their commodities.

This gives room for innovators to step in and cause significant disruption and genuine change to the established market.

America, in this case, was simply tired of Washington and the “establishment”, feeding them the same rhetoric.

The politicians were promising the same things and results were not showing, people were getting angry, and Hillary simply did not show them the path or expectations they were hoping for.

Trump, however, understood his audience with more depth and sentimentality. He latched on to their fears, confirmed and expounded upon them, and notice how throughout his campaign trail he never said: “What makes America Great” or even suggest a road to recovery.

He didn’t have to because his audience didn’t really care about any of that, they wanted a voice and outlet for their frustrations and Trump expertly provided that for them.

Apple, McDonald’s, and Nike all understand these concepts too, and this helps them cultivate the holy grail of business and marketing: Evangelists.

Evangelists are the customers that believe in your product and message so much so that they become the free advertisement for your brand, telling everybody they know about you,  starting groups, donating money, and helping build your business a solid customer base.

This is the creme-de-la-creme of marketing strategies which handed Trump the keys the oval office.

The power of these techniques did not start with this election, or with Trump for that matter. These are age-old marketing principles that have worked for centuries and will continue to work as long as humanity has a functioning brain and primal needs.

You can use these techniques or forget them. They’ll most likely still be there anyways…

Happy Hunting.