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Need More SEO Conversions? Do These 2 Easy Steps

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If you’re a local business owner you probably have some knowledge of SEO (Good or bad ), and how it can possibly help your business get more customers online.

Having the correct knowledge is crucial in growing your business and brand on the internet.

I’m going to share two simple tips that you must be doing with your On-site and Off-site SEO  if you want to grow your customer base and have better SEO conversions across the board.

So let’s get started…

# 1 | Actually Get People’s Attention


Too many online businesses neglect this step. They have the same content, similar wording, with copy and paste promises and are getting the same results their competitors are getting. Basically average.

You have to play out-of-bounds in online marketing to get better ROI’s on your SEO conversion rates than everybody else.

For SEO this starts with your off-page metadata and headlines. These are the building blocks to a high converting website, as they are the first few bits of information potential customers see about your webpage from organic search results.

By optimizing this part of your website your going to see stronger KPI’s  and longer term SEO conversions and revenue gains if optimized correctly.

For example, take a look at the keyword “content marketing automation” (per SEMrush)


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It has a small amount of volume(traffic) but look at the CPC…


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As you can see it has low traffic but very expensive when targeting via Adwords or other platforms.

If you were bidding on this word and managed to get 15 clicks to your site and 0 conversions you would be out $1143.6.

So it clearly pays to be optimized for SEO on all of your pages. However,  how do you prevent these losses with your web pages going forward?

Let’s look at an example of what you should do starting with your offsite SEO optimization. Take a look at a similar but purchase intent keyword “content marketing software”.


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The SERP results show that Newscred is the first software platform that is listed, a majority of the sites or articles are from news sites like Entrepreneur or Capterra. Newscred is one of the few actual software companies that are on the 1st page. Unfortunately, they are not optimized for the chosen key term:

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Above I highlighted the areas where they could improve their title tags and meta data.

As it should read something like

The Title Tag should be attention grabbing  and entice them to click, add in some reviews your software has gotten if possible as well. You can’t make cookie cutter or me-too propositions for you headlines you must get their attention the same way you would an AdWords or Facebook ad.

Title Tag: Software-NewsCred

(New) Title Tag: Best Content Marketing Software For Marketers – Newscred

Meta Description: Newscred is the proven solution for busy marketers. Click here today to automate your content marketing while also saving time and money. 

The result should look something like this:

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Again it’s important when you craft these headlines and titles, that you give the person a compelling reason to pick your software over others. Also do not use the keyword “content marketing software” repeatedly throughout your copy, use tools like LSigraph or UberSuggest to give you hints to the natural language you should be using on your pages.


Speaking of pages…


2.) Create Content Funnels and Keep Visitors on Your Page


Content funnels are very effective money makers if done correctly.

To create a content funnel you’ll have to first do a content audit either by yourself or have an SEO expert or agency do it for you.

This step is vital because you need to separate “informational” content from “buyer” content. Informational content will have different goals and KPI’s than “buyer” content.

Most of your website visitors will be looking for more information, and are not ready to buy just yet. This traffic should be measured by lead conversions and how many people you can get onto your email list with an offer like an ebook for example, or a free analysis of some sort.

However, a small subset of your traffic is ready to buy and/or in the decision phase ready to convert to a customer.

For any business owner, your focus will probably be on buyer content, and this is understandable especially when you’re paying an individual or agency thousands of dollars to do it for you.

But it’s still important to have a grasp of what your content should look like…

Let’s take the keyword above; we identified “content marketing software” as a buyer keyword. The ultimate goal for a keyword like this is to generate sales for your software.

Therefore the landing page cannot be ordinary and it must lead the visitor down the conversion funnels that you have setup beforehand.

Keep them interested and on the page by using the proven AIDA marketing format:





Your “buyer” focused pages should follow this format and should lead visitors down a narrow & defined path toward a conversion goal, preferably a sale.

Your landing page should act as a direct sales letter or a gateway transaction of your product or service.

To end this article let’s show an example of how you should begin a “buyer” focused page for a content marketing software solution.

(Attention) Stop boring your customers…(Interest) on average 85% of your traffic will not read your content…(Desire) Bring back your lost customers with this cost-effective and easy to use automated content solution…(Action) Get started today and boost your content and sales.

Your opening byline should then read something like this…

Your boring your customers, and like many businesses 85% of your traffic is not reading your content and bouncing from your site.

With a cost effective and simple solution you can bring those lost customers running back by having a strong automated content creation process.

Boost your content and sales today by signing into your free demo.


Get started today with these 2 proven steps and watch your SEO conversions and rankings shoot up.


Happy Hunting.